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Kaution 70L Lazarus Dry bag Duffle & BackPack - Kaution Gear

Kaution 70L Lazarus Dry bag Duffle & BackPack

Sale price $269.00 Regular price $329.99

The Kaution Tristan Pack - Kaution Gear

The Kaution Tristan Pack

Sale price $159.99 Regular price $249.00

Kaution Lazarus Bag 3 Pack - Kaution Gear

Kaution Lazarus Bag 3 Pack

Sale price $649.99 Regular price $897.00

Kaution Lazarus Bag 10 Pack - Kaution Gear

Kaution Lazarus Bag 10 Pack

Sale price $1,999.00 Regular price $2,890.00

2018 Liberation Long Sleeve - Kaution Gear

2018 Liberation Long Sleeve

Regular price $32.99

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What makes your Luggage better?

Luggage is all you have when away from home. DON'T SKIMP. We over engineer our seams, fabric, buckles, and webbing. We innovate so our bags are always one or two steps ahead. PLEASE COMPARE US to anyone and you'll feel the Kaution quality!

What is the Warranty?

We offer a FREE No Hassle, Lifetime repair or replace warranty. We fix or replace any failure and make sure you are happy! (Abuse or misuse, IE... throwing bags off cliffs...we can't help you there 😉)

What makes Kaution worth buying?

We splurge on materials and quality. We serve and love our customers. We are a Family company. We are Oregon owned and operated. You'll get so much more from us than our competitors. 

How big is Kaution

As a 4 year company we are no longer new but growing quickly! We have a small team that keeps everything going. Most of our sales are direct to the end user! We work with medium size corporate clients to offer top quality customized gear. 

I am new to Kaution, how can I trust you?

We have been serving customers 4 years and have left EVERY customer happy. Once we bought burgers and beers for a group of friends on their trip to make sure they felt taken care of. Sadly, it is not that hard to stand out with costumer service in this day and age. We treat everyone like a friend and believe we can make a living AND make you happy too. Good business should be a WIN/WIN. Lets face it, we also want you to tell your friends and come back!


This fast growing, family owned, Oregon Luggage startup is altering the luggage industry with:

Amazing Costumer Service

Long Lasting Quality

Innovative Solutions! 




  • We Value Life+Family+Community

    Once you own a KAUITON™ Bag you are part of a unique family. Simply put, a group of people helping each other succeed in their life adventure's. WE WANT YOU TO GO FEEL ALIVE! We also love to help with Aid and Humanitarian efforts worldwide. As a customer are supporting our heart in this. Thank you!

  • LIFETIME Repair or Replace Warranty

    Don't spent 3k on a trip and skimp on luggage. Your luggage is the one thing that should not fail. Not only is our gear stronger than the competition... But In the VERY rare case you have a failure you will get a replacement from us. Wherever and Whenever you can know we are behind YOU.

    *Buyer pays shipping

  • Sleep well

    Your Kaution™ Luggage is protect with the *LIFETIME REPAIR OR REPLACE WARRANTY and our *100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE